Redefining Heart Valve Replacement

Xeltis is a clinical-stage medical device company pioneering a restorative approach in heart valve therapy.

RestoreX, Xeltis technology platform, is the world’s first polymer-based technology designed to enable natural restoration of heart valve function, through a therapeutic approach called Endogenous Tissue Restoration (ETR).

Potentially addressing 100,000s
patients / year
Xeltis is currently investigating additional applications of its innovative approach to restore other heart valves and blood vessels.

Xeltis closed a €45 Million Series C Financing to advance aortic and pulmonary valve programs.

Xeltis is accelerating progression

  • Swiss Xeltis founded as Univeristy of Zurich spin-off
  • Xeltis merges with Dutch Qtis/e, becoming today’s Xeltis
  • Feasibility clinical trials start (patch and graft)
  • Series B financing round closed
  • Executive team expands, team reaches 30+
  • Series B financing extended
  • 2-year clinical data on restorative cardiovascular technology presented at EACTS
  • Pulmonary valve, first commercial product, enters clinical trial phase
  • International Medical and Scientific Advisory Boards set-up
  • Aortic valve enters preclinical trial phase
  • US FDA approved Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) for PV Early Feasibility Study (EFS)
  • Four US centers are participating in the Xplore-II clinical trial
  • 12-month preclinical data on Aortic Valve presented at TCT
  • €45M Series C financing completed

Xeltis has been recognized as a breakthrough medtech start-up


Gold Testing & Treatment Options at 2017 Edison Awards


Fierce 15 list by Fierce Medical Devices 2015


Out-of-the-box technology at PCR 2015


Biovision Next Gem Award 2013


Promising Start-up by IMD Business School


Top-25 Tech-tour Medtech Summit 2012

XELTIS CEO, Laurent Grandidier
  • Voted Outstanding Executive at the 2018 Global Business Excellence Awards
  • Included in the 2016 100 Power List by Medicine Maker
  • Nominated 2015 Best CEO in the Medical Device Industry by magazine European CEO