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Heart Valve Therapy

  Xeltis is a clinical-stage medical device company pioneering a restorative approach in heart valve therapy. Xeltis’ heart valves enable the patient’s own body to naturally restore a new heart valve through a therapeutic approach called Endogenous Tissue Restoration (ETR).

U.S. Xplore-2 trial is enrolling now, click here to learn more. For information dedicated to U.S. medical professionals, please click here. For more information on pulmonary valve replacement and RVOT reconstruction click here.

Series C

€45M Funding: The largest investment round for a private medical device company in Europe in 2017

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With ETR, the patient’s natural healing system develops tissue that pervades Xeltis’ heart valve, forming a new, natural and fully functional valve within it. As ETR occurs, Xeltis implants are gradually absorbed by the body. ETR is enabled by the porous structure of Xeltis’ heart valves, which are made of bioabsorbable polymers, based on Nobel-prize awarded science. LEARN MORE

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Nobel Prize Awarded Science

Xeltis’ cardiovascular implants are made of bioabsorbable polymers based on Nobel Prize awarded science of supramolecular chemistry by Jean-Marie Lehn – Xeltis Scientific Advisor.

The Future
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CTO and co-Founder Martijn Cox takes you into the lab for a closer look at Xeltis. WATCH THE VIDEO